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Assessment, Evaluation, Reporting & Reviewing

The scheme of assessment and evaluation criteria for all classes from Pre KG, KG to all classes (I - VIII) for the Internal school level reporting shall be laid down at the beginning of each academic year. But generally they will be in line with the norms proposed by CBSE. Assessment of main subjects will be both in numerical score & grades; while the assessment of additional subjects will be in grades. The school conducts periodically assessments with the following nomenclature & periodicity.

UNIT TEST / Monthly Assessment (Formative Assessment Level - 1)

Every term in the beginning after 3 weeks of teaching & learning there will be UNIT TEST / Monthly Assessment. There will be 3 Unit Tests / Monthly Assessment per academic year. * No Paper - No Pen Test.

MID-TERM Assessment (Formative Assessment Level - 2)

At the mid of every term there will be a Mid-Term Assessment. Tentatively after 40-45 days Mid-Term assessment will be conducted. (Written Assessment).

  • There will be 3 days Revision schedule before every Mid-Term Assessment.

TERMINAL Assessment (Summative Assessment 1)

Each term will terminate with a Terminal Examination. This will be a full fledged Written Examination preceeding 5 days of revision classes.


At the end of each Unit Test / Monthly assessment; Mid-Term assessment; and Terminal examination, the Reporting Sheet showing the individual subjectwise assessment in terms of marks/grade in all the evaluative subjects will be released. The Result sheet will also give the 'Class Average’ and 'Class Highest’ for all the individual subjects.

The individual 'Result Sheet' will also give detailed report on non-academic areas with reference to the student. The areas that will be highlighted are:

    • Industry (Hand work).
    • Habits of Cleanliness.
    • Study Habits.
    • Maintenance of Belongings.
    • Involvement in co-scholastic activities.
    • Home work response.
    • Classroom attitude.
    • Respect to teachers / elders.
    • Obedience / Co-ordination.
    • Sports & Games.

The school will release Cumulative and Comprehensive Report of the Scholastic & Co-Scholastic Achievements of each student in the form of ANNUAL PROGRESS REPORT after the Third Terminal Examination.


In the mid of each term the school conducts OPEN FORUM for all the Parents to meet the Head / Principal / Supervisory Heads / Class Teachers and Subject Teachers in the school campus. It is obligatory on the part of the Parents to call on the school to meet the members of staff to know / to discuss about their ward.