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General Instruction for Applicants

For filling the Application for Enrolment and for registering the same

  1. All the columns should be filled in; and all the details called for should be provided by the signing authorities - Parents / Guardians.
  2. Recently taken Passport size Photograph of the ward should be affixed on the application form in the space provided.
  3. Photostat copies of the following documents duly attested by a NOTARY PUBLIC / Gazatted Officer should be submitted alongwith the application.
    • Birth Certificate - Corporation / Municipality / Hospital.
    • Community Certificate (if desired by Parents).
    • Applicant's Statement of Marks pertaining to Half-yearly Examination / Second Terminal Examination / SAI (Summative Assessment 1) duly signed by Class Teacher / Headmistress / Headmaster / Principal of the class / school, where he/she is presently studying.
  4. The Application should be signed both by the Father and the Mother. If anyone of them is not available / not eligible to sign the necessary legal documents to be provided.
    • Death Certificate, if not alive.
    • Divorce Certificate, if separated.
    • Legal Guardianship Certificate, as applicable.
  5. Addresses, both Communication Address / Temporary Address and Permanent Address (if found different) should be clearly filled-in.
  6. The details given in the filled-in application form should be absolutely correct in all aspects. Any discrepancy and false information will render the application liable to be rejected.
  7. Registration Fee to be paid by CASH or by Demand Draft.
  8. Foreigners, Non-Resident Indians (NRI's) and Indian Students holding Passport should submit a Photostat Copy of the Passport too.