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Blue-Print of Our School

As a Founder Chairman of St. John's Public School, as its Educational Entrepreneur cum Senior Principal, and as its Team Leader, I stand firm in the belief that education is not only learning to read, write, add or subtract, though these are important elements of the educational process.

In this mission of establishing SJPS, I have laid the following blue-print on which this new breed progressive school is built.

  • The historical background.
  • Management with a vision.
  • Academic Leadership.
  • The quality of faculty.
  • The School Ethos / Climate.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities.
  • It's Social Conscience.

- Dr. R Kishore Kumar

The historical background

SJPS is the outcome of the history of experience encountered by  Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, since 1981

The foundation on which St. John's Public School is built is based on

  • his 30 yrs of experience as biology teacher, who taught XI & XII.
  • his position as as a seasoned Principal of St. John's English School & Junior College for more than 23 yrs.
  • his leadership as the Senior Principal of St. John's International Residential School.

Management with a Vision

A School to be successful should have a leadership of vision. This vision has to be as clear as it is noble.  The Management has clearly spelled out their vision, objective, aim and goals in black and white.

The high profile focus of the Management is to ensure that their Mission Statement - " To make Education realistic to explore the reality of life " -  is well accomplished.

Academic Leadership

The School, SJPS is fortunate that the Founder Chairman Dr. R. Kishore Kumar himself is a seasoned academician, whose reputation for academic leadership is well known in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India and in India. 

The Principal and team of qualified and experienced faculty will be trained and oriented professionally under the leadership of the Team Leader.

The Quality of Faculty

Teachers determine the quality of the school. No asset is more precious to a school than a committed, and highly qualified faculty.

An intellectually and morally superior band of teachers will certainly turn out better qualified students. In SJPS, the choice, the charisma of teachers will be given the top priority for quality, qualification and consistency.

Programmed Staff Orientation Programs and Faculty Development Programs will be our main agenda.

The School Ethos / Climate

Every school should have its own character, and a distinct identity of its own.

This is the sum total of all the values and norms and the adherence to it which have been internalized by all or most of the people associated with the school.

When we talk about School ethos or School climate we actually mean the deeply embedded characteristics of the school. SJPS will have unique school ethos / climate that will be par excellent and surpass all the expected benchmark of any institute.

SJPS will emerge as a high order school that will be recognized and applauded by the Parents and Community that surrounds the school.

Infrastructure and Facilities

It goes without saying that any school worth its name should ensure that all the facilities required for an effective schooling are put in place.

Progressive and modern schools cannot be mere cluster of classrooms.They need to have good resourceful centres like libraries, laboratories, computer centres, audio-visual departments, meeting halls, play grounds and the like.Other than facilities themselves, there should be provision made for their optimum use, and staff to organize the related activities in a meaningful way.

St. John's Public School. well planned by an academic expert, has provision for all needed informations, functional avenues and facilities that will make the school stand out among the crowded schools.

The Social Conscience of a School

We are aware our city / locality needs good sensible schools.

SJPS will have a social concern, and will gear itself to some areas of social activity, thus fulfilling its obligation to the immediate community.

Schools have no right to exist as islands of excellence and prosperity, surrounded by ignorance and negligence.