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News Posted on : 18 Feb 2020


The Parents of

Class 10 (2019-2020) Students

Entering Senior Secondary Course

(Classes 11 & 12, 2020-2022),

St. John’s Public School (SJPS),

Jalladianpet, Near Perumbakkam,

Chennai- 600 100.


Dear Parents,


Greetings from the family of SJPS - St. John’s Public School, and particularly from

Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, the Founder Correspondent of the School !


This letter from my desk comes in this season when our students of Class 10 getting set to take up their CBSE AISSE February 2020 Board Exam and are in the threshold of getting enrolled into Senior Secondary Course (Classes 11 & 12) @ their alma-mater. At this juncture I would like to bring to the attention the following information related to the academic welfare and administrative efficiency that are being taken care for the Classes of 11 & 12 from the beginning of the coming academic year (2020-2021).


Today School cannot be the same just teaching, completing portions and getting their students prepared for the Board Examination. School need to be the epicentre and future focused institution where students are to be prepared for their future in all terms including Career choice , Social Connect, Personality Building, Skill Development, Recruitment need skills, Job Skills, Social Values & Ethics, Character Establishing and even Family Values. The undersigned has designed the Schooling pattern of Classes 11 & 12 to focus on the above said compelling needs of our young generation, to bridge the gap between the educational content and needs of today’s students. It will be designed in such a way that it provides bridge between education and development. Our campus is too good for its true implementation and maximum utilisation of the extensive infrastructure that are available @ SJPS.


The Curriculum that we will be handling from June 2020 for Classes 11 & 12 will be Contemporary Curriculum that will handle all the 14 subjects with clarity, bringing out the learning objectives and expected experiential learning of each of the subjects. The curriculum will be studded with Life-Skills, Social Skills, Career Based Skills and to relate the Various Subject Content to Real Life Needs of the upcoming demanding society. We ensure the curriculum delivers relevant teaching material and also monitor the progress of students with different mindsets. The core of our Contemporary Curriculum will be Development of Specific 21st Century Skills which Teachers, Students, Parents, community and society at large perceive to be significant for the world outside of school as they see it.


Our Classroom are with learners of different abilities, readiness, needs and learning profiles. Understanding each ones needs the responsibilities of SJPS will not only be widened but also deepened by adding Special Posts like - Educational Officer / Academic Supervisor.


  •          Education Officer Role is to design and implement Contemporary Curriculum to integrate various skills, research and the current educational updates into the learning space of classrooms.


  •          The Role of Academic Supervisor will be to measure the prevailing academic caliber of students right from Class 9, to test their individual learners’ learning style, to assess and improve the academic fervour of each of the students and to pave way for strategies and methods to improve the academic equilibrium of each student as per their individual capabilities.


Understanding the worthiness of Learning Mathematics flawless and to overcome the phobia around Mathematics Head of Department in Mathematics is to drive the significance of the subjects to the students with clear roadmap to make not only the students fearless but the faculty too more fruitful in their classroom delivery.


To make our students master the foreign language English to their professional needs, Special English Educator will be in place to expose our students in the corrective and efficient way of learning and using English effectively in their day to life needs.


The world is more dominated by Science & Technology. Students should not only learn the subjects like Mathematics, Physics , Chemistry , Biology & Computer Science to face examinations but also to drive their Scientific Temperament into Resources, Knowledge , Application, Innovations & Inventions. The faculty of Science will be functioning more of “Science Guru” to track, train, provide necessary reference and research based support to those intellectual young minds at School.


We bring-in NIS trained Coaches for all the major Sports & Games to ensure that not only the Sports aspiring students are trained but also to identify and train those who has the right body contour, stamina & strength and also the skill, style and physical fitness unnoticed by parents.


Time and time management is to become our serious concern in this fast world. In the mission to convert the schooling hours / time / days / months more productive, students will be provided the Study & Learning Content of the subjects in digital mode to plug in and utilise and reuse for their own classroom needs. We are discussing and considering to allow the use of Personal laptop by Students @ School Campus (without internet support) and await the approval of the academic team and will pool in Parents, opinion also. Once we get it approved, we will let you know!


We are to include and compliment Corporate out sourced Skill Development Certified Programmes of 30 to 40 hours time frame in Class 11; and 24 hours programme in Class 12 which are sure to ascertain the skills that each of our students need to master to face the career competitive society when we roll out our students into the vibrant society.


These courses will be mostly Employability Skill Development, Human Resource Management and also Business Management - focus oriented. The details will be released in May 2020 in the Introductory Welcome Communication, 2020-2021.


Students who aspire to take up JEE-IIT / NEET Competitive Examination and those who remain eligible to get trained for these examinations will be placed in separate section and will be taught by Special faculty who have experience and expertise in these strategic requirements. There will be no additional charges for this program of us.


You should know that SJPS drives the Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular Activities (CCA) sincerely and effectively through two parallel departments - Cultural & Co-Scholastic Skill Departments under the able leadership of Cultural Co-ordinator & Head, Co-Scholastic Skill. These two departments will become too important for the students of Classes 11 & 12 now, than ever before. You should know that these activities build Self-esteem; develop relationship skills and lasting friendship; allows students to explore a plethora of interests; teaches them to manage their time; and also tests their commitment.


We have an exclusive Reference Library for Classes 11 & 12 which are equipped with relevant books for reference and other study materials for not only to guide students for Board Exams but also for various Competitive Examinations.


We have in-built Career Guidance, Career Counselling & Career Choice Support programme one-to-one and will assist to get the desirous Students connected to Overseas Educational Programme. A dedicated team of faculty to take up this assignment professionally during the two years course.


Also the faculty members who will be privileged to handle Classes 11 & 12 will be mentored specially and will be empowered suitably to handle the young minds more professionally and formally. Assessment of students on all their schooling traits and classroom performance in 7 well defined important parameters on completion of every 25 school working days will be made available to parents through clear indicators.


In nutshell we are determined to make everyone of our Senior Secondary Class Students.... to move from “ Just being student to Professional Learners “ and to mould each student as Productive and Value added Students before they move out of the school to the society.





Dr. R. Kishore Kumar,

Correspondent, SJPS.