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New School of Thought

An Organizations success today lies more in its intellectual and system capabilities, then in its physical assets; The future now belongs to societies that organize themselves for learning.

Our own vision of schooling is to strive for excellence.

Our new School of Thought is to bridge the gap between the ideology and the practical aspect of functioning on an educational institution.

Our School of Thought circles around these questions...

  • What is the vision with which the school functions ?
  • What do young people need for the future ?
  • What is the school's responsibility and the teacher's role ?
  • What is the role of schools in a changing world ?
  • Why are we teaching ?;
  • What we are teaching ?

The Spirit behind SJPS

The aim of education is not merely the acquisition of information. Instead it is the spirit of devotion to the cause of humanity.The ultimate aim is to groom future citizens who will be very committed, competent and confident.

SJPS must strive to inculcate a national perspective and an international vision in the students so that they develop a global awareness and become helpful citizens free from all prejudice of color, creed & language and imbibed with the spirit of service to society. The school is indeed one of the vital and essential institutions, which indeed support edifice of human kind.

The Philosophy of SJPS

The Philosophy of St. John's Public School is strongly built on the fact that it should be a Learning School... for learning school indicate the status of the educational dynamics of a country.; Our philosophical thoughts are

  • Instill sense of national pride.
  • Instill a strong value system.
  • Shaping the perception of children.
  • Providing confidence, emotional support and positive thinking.
  • Equipping each child with knowledge appropriate to their aptitude and future career.
  • Shaping students personality so as to form a strong link between family and society.
  • Preservation of our culture and heritage.