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Our Benchmark

We are sure that

SJPS  creates  substantial expectation from the public... but sure that it will surpass all the expectation and stand out stunningly as a towering school in the locality.

The components and the constituents that has gone into the making of this new gen school are...

  • Our rich experience in the field of school education which is almost 3 decades.
  • Our expertise in the making and processing of the India's (South India's) Prestigious school - St. John's International Residential School.
  • Our understanding of the very root of the process of education, its system and complexity.
  • Our belief that a school is not a product... but outcome of  human interactions.
  • Our philosophy which believes that school is where an individual is shaped - for all time.
  • Our staunch faith that Curriculum is not mere Course of Study that happens within the four walls of the classroom, but is the sum total of all the experiences that a child learns in interaction with the school.