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New Gen - New Outlook - New Education !

A glance over the modern educational literature reveals that great changes are taking place as a result of recent innovations in the sphere of education. Now-a-days education lays great stress on an all-round development of the child. Two types of education have been recognized - one is the collective and the other individual. The modern education emphasizes more on the second one.

Learning by doing and learning by living have become the watch words of new education; the school now-a-days is not considered to be a place where information is imparted and the students get only a fraction of knowledge. The education of a child depends largely upon his activities. It is not so important for a teacher to make a child learn the things he ought to know. What he should do is to inspire him to know those things by himself through constructive activities and experience.

Education is training and not telling. An all round development of the child is ideal of the new education. It calls for a balanced development of mind, body and soul. The necessary environment is created in the school to attain these objectives. The co-curricular activities in the new system of education have been given quite an important place. Now, the teaching of the three 'R's alone at the school is not considered sufficient. Recreation is the fourth 'R', and an equally important art, the arrangement for which by the school is as necessary as for the other three.

It is held that recreation is not the product of education, but education is the outcome of recreation. Extra curricular activities today have assumed the form of co-curricular activities and have become an integral part of our education. The teaching process today includes all such activities as related to the mental, physical and social development of the child.

To put it in plain words, the school should provide those facilities which the society needs and the society on its part should help the school create an environment needed for the full growth of a child's personality.

We introduce to you the new-gen; new outlook "St. John's Public School", as a school with New School of Thoughts filled with inputs for New Education. Yes… St. John's Public School is not a school, but an educational society in miniature.