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The Mentor's Greetings

Greetings to every Parent who comes across this document - Prospectus of St. John's Public School. I know you, you as a parent,you too may know me as a Teacher, Principal, Academician or at least as the one who reached millions of Parents / Teachers / Students through my educational program (TV Talk) "Marupakkam" - The Other Side of Education, telecasted in Star VIJAY TV for almost 3 years continuously.

As a passionate educationist, supplemented by rich experience in the field of school education, I had experienced all the phenomenon and processes in the halls of school education since 1981. I am rather adamant to say that Schools are the most vital and key institutions of the society. But, in my opinion, these schools should be planned, planted, prepared, processed and ploughed to be the most productive places in any society which has concern for its progress.

I, Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, with all my passion and professional touch bring to the city of Chennai - to the residents of Thiruvanmiyur, Velacherry,  Pallikaranai, Medavakkam, Taramani, Perungudi, Thoraipakkam, Sholinganallur, Madipakkam, Raja Kilpauk, Kizh Katalai, Selaiyur and Tambaram, the temple of Learning  - St. John' s Public School, with utmost sincerity, serenity and sovereignty. This school will be an ideal place for your children to play, to practice, to perform, to progress in the ladder of school education. As a farmer (vivasayee) who had spent 30 years of my life since 1981 in the field of schools has emotionally and spiritedly imbibed the art of farming (schooling).

  • The School (field) is prepared, processed and ploughed well with all the required "fertilizers" (uram) needed for education… and the school will surely be "a richly fertilized institution", for better Teaching - Learning (farming).
  • Our Supervisory Heads & Team of Teachers (co-farmers) will be gracefully allotted, choosen, trained and oriented before they step into the soil of fertilized institution.
  • The school will be sensibly seasonally ploughed and re-fertilized with required orientation through the academic year to be more resourceful and productive.
  • The children / student who will be joining the school (SJPS) will be considered as "Seeds",and each such seed will be handled and cared individually to be gently but firmly planted in the fertile soil of our Institution for upright growth in IQ,EQ,SQ and PQ.
  • The schooling (farming) will be closely monitored to ensure optimum watering,irrigation,and educational ploughing to ensure great productivity and outcome.
  • More than that, I as a mentor will play the role of the Fence / Vealee and guard the school in all its activities as the kaavalar / watchman to safeguard the interest of a good school.