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Sports & Games and Extended Activities

Physical Education is a compulsory activity of the school and much emphasis laid down on achieving the national objectivity in sports and games. The school campus provides the following facilities in the true spirit of sports & games.


Cricket Net practice (in 1st phase)
Basket Ball court (in 2nd phase)
Lawn Tennis (in 3rd phase)
Shuttle Badminton court (in 3rd phase)


Table Tennis (in 1st phase)
Carrom (in 1st phase)
Chess (in 1st phase)
Physical Fitness centre (in 3rd phase)

In order to ensure the development of the total personality of the students, the school provides ample opportunities to develop the physical and mental ability of the students and engage them in a wide variety of activities around the world of sports. All the major and minor games are taught to the children and students are made familiar with all the popular and standard games.

  • The school has well-planned, structured and scheduled sports activities round the academic year.
  • The school will engage professionally trained Physical Education Trainer (Women & Men) to support the on-going sports activities in school.
  • Cricket, Basket Ball, Lawn Tennis and Shuttle will be facilitated as Out-door games.
  • Table-Tennis, Carom, Chess and Physical Fitness will be facilitated as Indoor games.
  • Sports Day will be an annual feature for the school.

Time Table included Physical Education (Theory & Practical) Classes will be within the curriculum.