SJPS will include in its extensive programmes scholastic activities which are designed to stimulate the academic interest of the students beyond classrooms in hobbies, academic learning, providing opportunities for self-expression, leadership training, building self-esteem & self-confidence and thereby formation of a balanced and integrated personality.

Empowering Faculty | All Classroom will be Virtual Classrooms | Instructional & Teaching Aid Centre | Cambridge Young Learners English Test (CYLET) | Scholastic Readers Club | Guest Lecture Series for Parents | Co-Scholastic Club Activities | Value Based Thematic Assemblies | Music & Dance School | SJPS – Science Foundation| SJPS – Sports & Cricket Academy

Empowering Faculty

The appropriately qualified members of the teaching faculty will be constantly and consistently given in-service training and orientation to equip them with resourcefulness to handle the academic content and the new generation students effectively. They will be well supported by “Knowledge Centre”,  Library Resources, Institutional & Teaching Aids Centre and exposing them liberally to external orientations.

All Classroom will be Virtual Classrooms

All Classrooms will be facilitated with Computer aided teaching through Smart Class Technology. Thus all classrooms will be web – linked and LAN connected to the Knowledge Centre. Mega size Plasma TV will be the digital screen in the classrooms to project the e-learning technology.

Instructional & Teaching Aid Centre

A well equipped Instructional & Teaching aid Centre supported by Professional persons will support the system of providing appropriate teaching aids for quality teaching.

Cambridge Young Learners English Test (CYLET)

Interested students will be additionally trained to prepare for the BRITISH COUNCIL’s Cambridge Young Learners English Test (CYLET) for the students of classes IV to VII (and upto class IX) who will be willing to improve in English
(A separate course fee and examination fee will have to be paid by the participants).

Scholastic Readers Club

The school will facilitate a well motivated SCHOLASTIC READERS CLUB supported by the Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd., an International Literary Oriented Book House specially operated to bring high priced books closer to students and to encourage the reading habits among the students.

Guest Lecture Series for Parents : Parental Co-operation

To be successful in its effort and to become a light house to society, the school needs the constant support and co-operation of the parents in order to assist each and every child to develop within himself a strong foundation of habits, attitudes, values and skills that are essential for a life time of discovery and learning.

Parenting has become a concern not only for Parents but for school also. In may ways children are seen as product and problems rather than resources. Parents underestimate the part they play in the lives and the development of children. It is the values, attitudes and strength that they pass on to children, that make an enduring difference. When parents are reduced to little more than taxi-driver status taking children from one activity to another, surely, it is time to sit back and review their role and place in child’s lives.

Our school in the leadership of our mentor will organize series of lectures to impart the art of New Generation Parenting among our fortunate parents.

Value Based Thematic Assemblies

Education can be regarded as the transformation of values and accumulated knowledge of a society. In this line of thinking the school will organize term wise, “ Theme based Assemblies”, to inculcate Value Education indirectly.

The school will activate the co-scholastic activities among the student community through a chain of CLUB ACTIVITIES.
The following clubs will be in operation Clubs:

English Literary | Amil Literary | Hindi Literary | Mathematics | Physical Science | Biological Science | Commerce | Sports | Fine Arts | Music Club | Social Science | Quiz | Info | Eco | Readers | Theatre | Debate | Scripture | Tiny Tots

The school in genuinely interested in providing opportunities for young children to be trained in Music & Dance,

A Cultural School will function in the school to facilitate the following classes on week-ends / thrice a week outside school hours.

  • Tutoring in Key-boards
  • Tabla Classes
  • Guitar Classes
  • Mirudangam Classes
  • Violin Classes
  • Bharatanatyam Classes
  • Vocal (Carnatic) Classes
  • Western Dance

In view of the dominating role of Science in the modern world, it has become imperative for schools to promote basic science education right from primary classes.

In this line of thinking and in particular to strengthen the thought process of students and science teachers the school will operate a productive SCIENCE FOUNDATION to extend learning of science beyond the physical limits of the class rooms and beyond the school class room learning.

Physical Education is a compulsory activity of the school and much emphasis laid down on achieving the national objectivity in sports and games. The school campus provides the following facilities in the true spirit of sports & games.

In order to ensure the development of the total personality of the students, the school provides ample opportunities to develop the physical and mental ability of the students and engage them in a wide variety of activities around the world of sports. All the major and minor games are taught to the children and students are made familiar with all the popular and standard games.

  • The school has well-planned, structured and scheduled sports activities round the academic year.
  • The school will engage professionally trained Physical Education Trainer (Women & Men) to support the on-going sports activities in school.
  • Cricket, Basket Ball, Lawn Tennis and Shuttle will be facilitated as Out-door games.
  • Table-Tennis, Carom, Chess and Physical Fitness will be facilitated as Indoor games.
  • Sports Day will be an annual feature for the school.

Time Table included Physical Education (Theory & Practical) Classes will be within the curriculum.