The opportunities presented during the childhood years are essentially of prime importance in the overall scheme of imparting value based education to the young and it will impinge on the final outcome. The success of a school should not be counted by the quantity of the students it is able to produce per annum, but in the quality of the scholarship being imparted by it and its impact on the students.

Generally, school is the place where children are sent to for the purpose of learning the fundamentals and gather knowledge. It is the responsibility of the educators to ensure that the children have the ideal setting to do so successfully.

Parents also have a duty to evaluate the institution in which they wish to place their children because that single decision will have an impact on the child’s future performance in life.

We are presenting our credentials here briefly, and request you to browse through our website for more detailed information. You can feel free to contact us for any assistance or to clarify your doubts.

No single value, skill or competence, however admirable, is sufficient unto itself. For a well rounded child development to happen, it is imperative that there be all round development of values, skills and abilities.

This is a co-educational institution by choice and not by chance. We strongly feel that gender discrimination on any basis is absolutely out of place in today’s world.

Further, we are convinced that boys and girls studying together will help them to be comfortable in the presence of each other and they develop a healthy understanding of each other which in turn leads to mutual respect and cooperation both now and later in life.

The school’s infrastructures are designed to handle all aspects of the co-educational learning and environment. The school is well aware of its responsibilities to ensure the safety and security of all students and the girl students in particular and we can certainly boast about an unblemished record in this respect. Special care has been undertaken to ensure that our girl students are accommodated protectively and are very comfortable in all respects.

In today’s globalized world order, children the future leaders of the society must learn to live in perfect harmony in diverse circumstances and manners. This institution is truly a blend of various cultures and religions from all over India.

This exposure to the diversity of cultures and religions is one of the most precious and priceless opportunity that any student can hope to have during their school days. It helps them to accept the fact that other people may be different from themselves in many ways. A child thus exposed, will appreciate, tolerate and respect these differences in others with a strong sense of appreciation and mutual understanding throughout its life.

In other areas too, diversity of choice is available. Students can choose academic, sports, hobbies and other co-curricular activities by opting for pursuits of their liking from the bouquet of choices available.

We will encourage and support all forms of diversity in our institution.

It is said that the social and emotional environment is an invisible teacher. Children react to the environment which is a composite of many factors and particular aspects of the environment effect changes in particular areas of the cognitive development at certain critical points in time and it plays a crucial and influential role in the cognitive developmental process of the child. These environmental factors provide a richly structured milieu of experiences, which affects the child in a far reaching manner, and they might shape and determine many of the child’s personal preferences, habits etc., and will consciously or sub-consciously influence many of their behaviors and actions.

We are all well aware of the fact that Cognitive development normally and naturally takes place within an environment; therefore a lot of emphasis is placed on shaping the school’s environment to be ‘child-friendly’ and eudemonic. Such a nurturing environment will enhance their experience and exposure and also will help to increase their self worth.

At this School, the environment in which ‘learning’ occurs is scientifically planned and specifically created to achieve the stated objectives and the desired goals, sparing no expenses. The emphasis will be on providing an uplifting ‘social and academic’ environment in which the child can grow, be taught and learn the relevance of, and respect for, all things in life.

As we enter the third decades of a new millennium defined by information technology and global interdependence, today’s academic atmosphere is as much about laptops as it is about laboratories and libraries. We believe technology should be seamlessly woven into the learning process, enhancing the curriculum across disciplines and levels, and providing students with the skills to use computer technology in ways that will benefit them now and in the future.

The school has applied advanced technologies in areas such as academics and communications. The entire school is networked and the services provided are linked and monitored electronically by an expert technical team. The classrooms have advanced electronic support systems to conduct lessons using the latest computer based learning techniques. The students also have access to extensive databases and other Internet resources.

We have already introduced bio-metrics at the staff level on an experimental basis, and will shortly introduce the same extensively for access control and monitoring student movements throughout the campus. Our technical advisors are constantly reviewing the emerging technologies with the idea to introduce our students to such technologies at the appropriate level as it becomes feasible.

All this ensures that the children are exposed to enabling technologies at an early age and that they become comfortable with the world of tomorrow, today.

Education is not only for altering one’s circumstances, but for modifying and bringing about beneficial changes to one’s immediate surroundings and thereby shaping the world into a better place to live in for all. The purpose of good schooling would be defeated if it does not transform the individual in every sphere of life. It is when students are truly passionate about their own personal endeavours while remaining selfless in their pursuit towards understanding the values and interests of others that they are fulfilling the goals expected of them by the society.

This school is committed to molding the mind of the students and carefully guiding their intellectual and social development along a predetermined pathway rich in life’s values and intellectual maturity. These basic and timeless codes of behaviour and deportments are instilled in each and every one of them a contributing member working towards the upliftment of their community.

We will continue to construct a well rounded educational experience for our wards that is purposefully focused on the future.