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St. John’s Public School, Chennai, launched in June 2012 as the first “Flag-ship” school under St. John’s Rajakumar Education & Research Trust, is not just one more school but born to break new grounds and rediscover “the school”, the real school. This school is vastly different not only in its physical appearance, but in its very soul.

SJPS is the conceptual school born with a difference to experiment tested qualitative institutional practices; expose the real institutional values and to enrich dynamism in the constituents of a good school.

St. John’s Public School


The making of the school, the structuring of the school, the purpose of the school, formatting of the school, and even programming of the school will make it "The 100% School ".

St. John’s Public School


St. John's Public School (SJPS), OMR, Siruseri, Chennai was dedicated on 16th June 2017, the school will be the Independent Branch of St. John's Public School @ Medavakkam (Jalladianpet), the flagship school under the management of ST. JOHN'S RAJAKUMAR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH TRUST.


St.John's Public School follows the internationally recognized CBSE Syllabus and provides curriculum of learning...


This school believes that school for modern education should provide wide range of facilities to facilitate extensive learning.


SJPS will include in its extensive programmes scholastic activities which are designed to stimulate the academic interest...

Latest News

The News

Teacher’s Day Celebration

Teachers all over the world change the lives of millions of children every day and it’s in these challenging times that we truly recognize and appreciate how our Nation’s Educators play such a pivotal role in our Children’s lives. This year, Teachers’ Day was all the more special for us at SJPS. Children made sure to express their gratitude loud and clear through multiple platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Google Classroom. From the tiny tots to the Senior Students, each and every child had his/her own style of celebrating their Teachers and thanking them for all their efforts! The ‘Thank you’ videos, the Letters of Gratitude , the beautiful poems & paintings and the Digital Greeting Cards were indeed special little treats to our entire Teaching Fraternity!


In commomeration of the Teachers’ Day, a special online symposium was also conducted for the Teachers on the Theme: “Teachers – The Future Architects”. The session witnessed brainstorming speeches by three Speakers including  Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, the School’s Correspondent and Chief Mentor,Mrs. Vasanthi , the Director of Future Captains and Dr. Samuel Sukumar, Former Principal of Kings Cornerstone International College, ECR. The speakers were given topics through which they shared their knowledge, skills and expertise and motivated teachers by introducing new approaches. The Teachers felt fortune to take part in such a unique and meaning Online Symposium.

Independence day celebrations

St. John’s Public School decided to go the virtual way to mark India’s 74th Independence Day and employed several innovative ways to honour the Freedom Fighters who brought Independence to our country. Various activities were planned for students, Class-wise to celebrate Independence Day. Some of these activities include making Flag Badges, singing partiotic rhymes, dressing up as Leaders and paying candle light tribute to them, live debate sessions and live interactive sessions. In addition to these activities, all students were shown Independence Day special Patriotic Musical presentation sung by singers of our School from all Classes and a vibrant Dance Presentation which was made by collating the individual dance performances of the various dancers of our School. Though students could not be present in School campus physically, the School was overwhelmed that they were able to experience and be a part of the meaningful Independence Day celebrations online.