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About Us

St. John’s Public School, Chennai, launched in June 2012 as the first “Flag-ship” school under St. John’s Rajakumar Education & Research Trust, is not just one more school but born to break new grounds and rediscover “the school”, the real school. This school is vastly different not only in its physical appearance, but in its very soul. Yes, it will be the soul of St. John’s Public School that distinguishes it from any other.

SJPS is the conceptual school born with a difference to experiment tested qualitative institutional practices; expose the real institutional values and to enrich dynamism in the constituents of a good school.

St. John’s Public School is the outcome of the bottled educational entrepreneurship of a enriched academician who has measured the length, breath and height of the epitome of ‘schools’ for the past 30 years as a Seasoned Teacher, Principal, Senior Principal and Dean.

SJPS is unique being the first school directly brought to the intellectual Chennai city by Dr. R. Kishore Kumar with a drive powered by his 30 years of exciting experience in the field of school education.