School Management, Leadership & Faculty


The school management is headed by An Academician who has rich experience in governing schools, facilitating, and mentoring teachers, providing creative leadership for students, and in understanding the aspiration and a sacrifies of parents and ofcourse the need of quality-conscious education system, particularly in the field of school education.

Dr. R. Kishore Kumar as the Chairman and Managing Trustee of St. John’s Rajakumar Education and Research Trust and also as the Correspondent of St. John’s Public School is basically a TEACHER, who drives the head, heart, and hand of the SJPS School System.

Under the stewardship of Dr. R. Kishore Kumar all other Supervisory heads are made productive and functional. He is ably assisted by the Founder Principal.

The School Management appoints well qualified and experienced teachers, who are also to put to vigorous in-service training programmes through the academic sessions.

These well selected, well paid teachers, work under the professionally capable Supervisory Heads as a Team to offer the best of their abilities.


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