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Vibrant class rooms , buzzing corridors , enthusiastic teachers.. Reverberative students , from all over the world , are the thoughts which come to my mind, when I think of the name st.John’s, it takes me back 53 years, even before I was born, the days where , the great visionary.. late. Bishop Dr. G. Raja Kumar and late. Srimati. Shakunthala Raja Kumar, with folded hands in prayer , planted this seed of a Noble cause .. in the soil of school education, which later branched out into a humongous brand in the city of greater chennai . It is said , it is better to teach how to fish , rather than giving a fish . As years passed by , St.John’s still stands strong in its respective field , crossing all its hurdles and climbing its own mountain of education. I take this moment in remembering my Grandparents who are the founders of this prestigious group and honouring my father , the Correspondent and chief mentor , St.John’s public school Chennai. Growing up as a little boy, in the corridors of St.John’s has given me a rich experience, expertise and also put in me a new expectation for the present student community . As I have taken this humongous responsibility on my shoulder , with all humbleness, carrying the prayers of my grandparents , wisdom of my parents and expectations of the future educational scenario . I look forward to shaping our dear students and teaming with our respected faculty ,shaping , nurturing and inculcating educational growth in the present world . I thank God for this noble cause that he has put in me , as I look forward to a brighter future , as we join hands under this prestigious brand , St.John’s .. where learning is for life!

Samson Derick Rajakumar


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