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St. John’s Public School (SJPS), OMR, Siruseri, Chennai was dedicated on 16th June 2017, the school will be the Independent Branch of St. John’s Public School @ Medavakkam (Jalladianpet), the flagship school under the management of ST. JOHN’S RAJAKUMAR EDUCATION AND RESEARCH TRUST. SJPS, Siruseri will not be just one more School but to spread the fragrance of the school, ‘the Real School ‘.

The making of the school, the structuring of the school, the purpose of the school, formatting of the school, and even programming of the school will make it “The 100% School “. The school will not only stand as a witness for education, but also for enlightening, enterprising, empowering, and educating students.

SJPS Siruseri, will also be the Conceptual School that will be different to experiment tested & successful institutional practices; brings forth real institutional values; and to enrich dynamism in the making of a 100% School.

SJPS, Siruseri is the independent branch of St. John’s Public School, near Medavakkam (Jalladianpet), founded by Dr. R. Kishore Kumar, a Seasoned Academician and Teacher Par Excellence, known for his approach, attitude, and articulation in the field of school education for more than 36 years.

The components and the constituents that have gone into the making of this new breed school are:
• Our rich experience in the field of school education which is almost 5 decades.
• Our understanding of the very root of the process of education, its system and complexity.
• Our belief that a school is not a product…but outcome of human interactions.
• Our philosophy which believes that school is where an individual is shaped – for all times.


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